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Ebooks for Dragonchoice 3 now available

2 November 2015 | 4 comments | Tagged: , ,

A few people have asked if Dragonchoice 3 is going to be available in ebook format, and the answer is – yes! You can download the first two chapters in MOBI and EPUB format now, and I’ll update the ebook files each week as I post new chapters.

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4 responses to “Ebooks for Dragonchoice 3 now available”

  1. Terri B says:

    When will Dragonchoice 3 be available in mobi format in it’s entirety? I plan to wait until I can get the entire book before reading it. I tend to forget about things if I have to wait a long time for them, and will most likely forget to come back and get the next chapter (same thing with those dang 10 episode seasons of TV shows–I tend to forget about the shows during the almost year-long break and end up loosing track of them)

  2. Terri B says:

    I’ll definitely wait until 2017 to read the book then. If I read a chapter a week, I’ll forget what was in chapter 1 by the time I get to chapter 70. I tend to binge read 🙂

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