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Dragonchoice: Candidate

Dragonchoice: Candidate

An interactive fanfic adventure based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern® and Dragonchoice's Madellon Weyr. Developed by Faye Upton and illustrated by Chris S. Baily, Emily Holland and Melanie Reynolds.

  • Play as a Holder, Weyrbrat, Harper, or Healer
  • Solve puzzles, complete quests, discover secrets
  • Make friends (or enemies) of Madellon's folk
  • Impress one of twenty hand-drawn dragonets
  • Replay to discover many different endings
  • Dozens of Achievements to unlock
  • Hundreds of unique illustrations
  • Post your scores to the Wall of Fame
  • Customised shareable results for every run
  • Physical prizes to be won

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The Dragonchoice trilogy

The Dragonchoice project is a collaboration of Dragonriders of Pern® fanfiction and fan art. Dragonchoice is an epic novel-length fanfiction trilogy, set in a slightly alternate Seventh Interval Pern and illustrated by over thirty artists.

An epic story of Pern

Deep in the Seventh Interval, with the Red Star a distant threat, Madellon Weyr's power is at its lowest ebb. But with Madellon's only queen due to rise, everything hangs on the unpredictable nature of a dragon's choice.

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Dragonchoice 2:

There's a clutch on the Sands, but the death of a rider casts a pall over Madellon. The Weyrleader must balance the needs of the Weyr against the growing crisis elsewhere in Pern, and race to solve the mystery in time.

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Dragonchoice 3:
Weyrleader of Pern

In the final story of the Dragonchoice trilogy, the riders and dragons of Madellon Weyr face their most arduous challenges yet as Pern is rocked by events that will change the world forever - past, present, and future...

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Dragonflight - A Pilot Screenplay

Will Pern ever be adapted for the big screen (or the small one?) I don't know, but during the 2020 lockdown I wrote a spec script for the pilot episode of a Dragonflight TV show!

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Featured art

'Cold, Colder, Coldest' by C. Ssthisto Reid

Cold, Colder, Coldest by C. Ssthisto Baily

Otherwise known as ‘Holy size difference, Batman!’ (or ‘Epherineth wasn’t kidding when he said he’d turn a Pass green inside out…’)