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Sejanth by Amy Brennan

Sejanth (Amy Brennan)

“Sejanth” by Amy Brennan

The bronze dragon turned his head slowly in her direction. He lay as he always did: on his side, the remains of his right wing splayed stiffly open, his head drawn into his chest… Sarenya was painfully aware of how the muscle was wasting from his bones, slackening under his dull hide. (Chapter two, Dragonchoice 3)

Sejanth is the bronze dragon of former Wingleader D’feng. They were badly burned in a flaming drill accident in Dragonchoice 2 and, as of the beginning of Dragonchoice 3, both are still critically ill.

Amy Brennan’s pencil drawing heartbreakingly illustrates Sejanth’s damaged wing, as well as his thin and wasted physical condition.

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