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Happy (nearly) birthday, Dragonchoice 3!

5 October 2016 | 6 comments | Tagged:

…fifty-one if you count the prologue, but who ever reads prologues anyway? Nothing significant ever happens in a prologue.

So, yes, it’s been nearly a full year of weekly Dragonchoice 3 updates, and completion is still scheduled for mid-2017, just in case you were wondering.

I know there are people who’ve been religiously coming back every week to read the latest chapter. I know there are people who’ve come to the Dragonchoice party later, who’ve binged 1 and 2 and then screamed in frustration when they’ve realised 3 isn’t finished yet. The majority of readers are from the UK, USA and Canada, but there’s a wonderful international flavour to the web stats too – Argentina, Germany, New Zealand, France, China, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Malaysia – I’d add Ukraine to the list but I’m pretty certain those are just bots trying to brute-force my WordPress.

Anyway, whether you’re a new reader or an old one, a regular or a binger, why don’t you leave a ‘hey’ in the comments below? I’d love to know who’s lurking out there…

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6 responses to “Happy (nearly) birthday, Dragonchoice 3!”

  1. Ae says:

    Hello, new binge-reader in Canada, now very much planning to regularly check in. The amount of time and effort you’ve put into this is staggering, and it shows; several times now, I’ve found myself reading through the night until my eyes physically refuse to stay open. Plot twists are catching me off guard and it’s awesome!

  2. Meg says:

    Hey from USA. I’ve been following this for years and still check it weekly. Dragonchoice 3 is the best!

  3. Sabine says:

    Hey from Germany. I had read 1 and 2 with great enjoyment and had waited impatiently for 3, then somehow lost track of it, came back, was overjoyed to come back and find 3, read everything through in about two days and practically screamed in frustration when it ended (about chapter 42, I think). Took me two days to find out that there would be more instalments and now I am checking each week for the next one. You have spread out a lot of ideas that I have been entertaining ever since I got hooked on Anne many years ago, and I find I agree with many thoughts (impression etc.). But now I am wondering how you will ever get these many storylines wrapped up. I have still hopes for T’Kamen, but I have the feeling that you have got it in for him…

  4. Matias says:

    Hey from Argentina! Mi story is similar to Sabine, i found books 1 and 2 and enjoyed them, number 3 I started reading it without knowing you havent finished it, it was a surprise that around chapter 30 i found out that i have to check the webpage every week. It is my first Time with fanfiction, and as a person which usually has everlasting sessions of reading you have really caught me with the story, if not i wouldnt expect wednesday as much as i do now. Thanks i am really looking forward to know how everything will end up.

  5. Spiffy says:

    Hello from ‘Straya! I first encountered Dragonchoice through someone linking me to the On Impression article from an RP site. At the time there was only Dragonchoice I believe, which I binge read. Was reminded about it a year or so later and lo and behold! Dragonchosen was out and a third had been announced. Again, binge-read 2 only to disappear for another while, returning to find half of Act One of Dragonchoice 3 already posted… I’ve been following religiously since :3 I hope you realise you’ve made Anne’s books hard to read now, after having read yours… so much better written imho! <3

  6. Artri says:

    Just finished 65 having binge read for the last week. Was already into Dragonchoice 3 before I realised it was not finished. Much as there have been moments that have stopped my heart in the last week, as well as funny and joyful ones, I am in a way I am glad it will be a good while before it is finished as I can look forward to each new chapter with anticipation.
    Finding this has brought me back to Pern with a vengence and as it is my favourite Universe of all, you will no doubt be hearing from me again.

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