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Fetch vs Thread by Emily Holland

Fetch vs Thread

‘Fetch vs Thread’ by Emily Holland (find her on Tumblr)

Heaving silver-grey filaments oozed up out of the earth like a grotesque mass of snakes. Eyeless, headless, tailless, they roiled over one another as if in eagerness to reach a new source of sustenance. “Get back!” M’ric shouted at his dragon, but before Trebruth could even move to give Epherineth space to unleash his flame, Agusta and Fetch had darted in, their jaws wide open. Plumes of fire erupted from their tiny mouths, and the tendrils of Thread squirming up out of the ground caught fire. Reeking smoke ribboned up from the burning Thread, and the filaments thrashed about in a grim facsimile of death throes. Fetch and Agusta shrieked in triumph, and Fetch nearly singed his own wing when a leftover gout of fire issued from his mouth along with his victory cry. (Chapter fifty-three, Dragonchoice 3)

T’kamen’s brown fire-lizard Fetch, proving that you don’t have to be a dragon to cause fiery destruction…

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