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Your dragon is grass green Rufaath!

"green Rufaath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is grass-green Rufaath – and you'd better watch out for your fingers, because she bites!

Perhaps there's something about the vibrant green of her hide, or the pretty scatter of freckles on her cheeks, or the adorable cuteness of her size, that makes people take liberties with Rufaath. But they only make that mistake once. Rufaath does not appreciate being crowded, or condescended to, or Faranth forbid, touched – and even if she doesn't get vengeance on her tormentor straightaway, she'll exact her revenge sooner or later.

Quite simply, Rufaath is very aware of her relatively small size, and her best defence is a swift offence. She won't go looking for a fight – she's far too careful for that – but she will defend herself – and you – without an instant's hesitation. Until she's bigger -– or until she's made a much larger friend among the males to be her bodyguard – she'll remain the most prickly, snap-happy dragonet in the class.

You don't have an easy task on your hands, managing this especially high-strung green. But one thing's for sure – Rufaath will avenge any insult or injury to you with extreme prejudice!

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