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Your dragon is greeny bronze Leposomath!

"bronze Leposomath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is greeny-bronze Leposomath. And from the moment he Hatched, you felt you met your match – in more ways than one!

Bronzes get a lot of grief – they're too aggressive, they're not aggressive enough; they're too big, they're not big enough; they're brainless when a queen's rising and heartless when it's a green... Leposomath has given all these things a great deal of thought already, and acknowledges that they're true. For most bronzes. Just not for him.

Now: size-wise, Leposomath has nothing to feel inadequate about: he's the largest dragon of the cohort, by length if not by bulk – and he's quite content for his brother Dhanth to take the title for weightiest dragon. He's a typical Madellon bronze, a pale green-gold, very similar in fact to his father Muzzanth, the Weyrleader's dragon. But compare him to either of his bronze brothers, and he's nothing like them: thoughtful and measured, rather than boisterous and careless. You could say that if anything he thinks too much. Certainly, he always seems to be one step ahead of you.

You have a unique challenge as Leposomath's rider – because not only will he have exceptionally high expectations of what you'll achieve together...so will the Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster...

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