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In vaguely alphabetical order:

To Amanda Phillips: long-time sub-dictator and dragon porn specialist since 1998.

To Andreas Weisz: amazing 3D modeller of dragons and backgrounds.

To Becky Camfield: one of Dragonchoice II’s first artists, and not afraid of a panoramic view!

To Brad Hicks: master of pencil work and creator of some superbly powerful dragons.

To Brenda Appleby: both reviewer and artist, whose vision matches mine so closely.

To Daniel Falck: fellow muppet, certifiable tease, and portrait artist extraordinaire.

To Fredrik Andersson: a superior comic artist with a surreal sense of humour.

To Gemma Legacy: marvellously fearless and highly successful with difficult poses.

To Jen Bagge: already a volunteer for the next story (and I’m counting on you!)

To Jenni Juntunen: tirelessly creative, generous to a fault, and utterly indispensable.

To Joe Wood: illustrator of the most accurate clutch of eggs ever seen (and their mother!)

To Julia B: an artist whose work is so rich and vibrant it leaps off the page.

To Laurie Hicks: beta reader, sanity checker, idea bouncer and priceless voice of reason.

To Lauri Williamson: exquisite pencil illustrator of people, dragons, and an amazing Weyr vista.

To Martin Vire: a friend indeed, veteran of Dragonchoice, and owner of mad cute dogs.

To Melanie Reynolds: tireless advocate of the project, and multi-talented artist of almost anything.

To Paul Taaks: expert action illustrator, putting dramatic detail in every pencil stroke.

To Renee Spahr: another veteran, and a prolific and generous character illustrator.

To Sam Hogg: breathtakingly versatile artist of everything, including some “little sketches”.

To Ssthisto: master dragon artist, a Dragonchoice veteran and a fresh pair of eyes.

Thank you all for your generosity, your time and your creative vision. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege.

So…everyone on board for Dragonchoice III?

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One response to “Acknowledgements”

  1. Wendy Hirst says:

    how nice to mention the artists and others who hav made this fic much more interesting to look at. I can almost visualise the story

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