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Dragonchoice: an epic Pern fanfiction

Dragonchoice front cover

Dragonchoice cover illustration by Ssthisto

T’kamen, bronze Epherineth’s rider, has been forced to the margins of Madellon Weyr since his bitter weyrlinghood rival L’dro became Weyrleader.

But the young queen, Shimpath, is due to rise soon. Her inexperienced Weyrwoman Valonna is an unhappy prisoner of L’dro’s selfish manipulations.

And with the help of his oldest friends, blue rider C’mine and green rider C’los, T’kamen sets his sights on an unlikely source of support among his fellow riders…

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The Dragonriders of Pern® is © Anne McCaffrey 1967-2021, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Dragonchoice © Faye Upton.

All artwork © its respective artist and used with permission.

A map of Madellon Weyr's territory in the Seventh Interval

Acknowledgements and foreword

Many people have had a hand in this project – directly, indirectly, and even inadvertently – and it is to them that I (pompously) dedicate Dragonchoice.

Epherineth and Pierdeth


Two rival bronzes set the scene at Madellon, a Seventh Interval Weyr where things are not as they should be, and unrest is brewing in the Lower Caverns.


Chapter one

Weyrwoman Valonna makes some new acquaintances, while T’kamen, Epherineth’s rider, and his allies C’los and C’mine contemplate upsetting the status quo.

C'mine and Darshanth

Chapter two

The conspirators meet to discuss the way forward. C’mine and Darshanth work on building the Weyrwoman’s confidence despite her own doubts.

Weyrleader L'dro

Chapter three

As C’los’ plot comes together and Valonna makes her first mark, Weyrleader L’dro and his second D’feng put plans of their own into motion.

Valonna Impresses Shimpath

Chapter four

D’feng’s machinations force T’kamen to confront an uncomfortable figure from his past as Sarenya of the Beastcraft is assigned to Madellon Weyr.

Journeyman Sarenya with Tarnish and Sleek

Chapter five

Sarenya settles into life at Madellon, despite reminders of her own past failures. T’kamen finally makes his opposition to L’dro public with a dramatic scene in the dining hall.


Chapter six

A chance encounter sees T’kamen and Sarenya relive their memories of their difficult history. C’mine recalls the part he played in the events following Shimpath’s Hatching.

Sleek and Tarnish

Chapter seven

T’kamen, C’mine and their dragons discuss the nature of the dragon-rider bond. T’kamen and Sarenya inch closer to a reconciliation of sorts.

Bronze rider T'kamen

Chapter eight

Valonna feels ambiguous about L’dro’s renewed affections. Meanwhile, another bronze rider approaches T’kamen with an unexpected proposal.


Chapter nine

Put on watch duty at Turn’s End, T’kamen is the first to hear of a forest fire at Kellad Hold, and drafts a rescue wing to help the stricken holders.


Chapter ten

T’kamen, C’mine and the rescue riders fight the fire in the Kellad woodlands, while back at Madellon the summer heat inflames passions.

Shimpath and her bronzes

Chapter eleven

T’kamen summons help from Madellon with C’mine and Darshanth’s lives hanging in the balance. Back at the Weyr, Sarenya fights to get a message to T’kamen as the bronzes blood their kill.

Darshanth at Kellad

Chapter twelve

Valonna and the Weyrleader come to an agreement in the aftermath of Shimpath’s flight. Sarenya visits Kellad Hold and finally heals an old wound.

Shimpath's clutch


As the Turn wears on, the foremost bronze of Madellon finds his voice at last as Shimpath lays a new clutch and the promise of new hope in the Weyr’s Hatching grounds.

Green fire lizard


Meet the population of Madellon Weyr – a complete A – Z who’s who of Dragonchoice’s riders, dragons, crafters, holders and supporting characters.