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Shortlisted finalists

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T’ramy and bronze Triticoth (Finalist)

By Jennifer Smith

“This would be a piece his mother created for him, which she had started the last time he stood as a Candidate, where she had waited to fill in his new name and his dragon’s name. She didn’t get to do so at that time, and was delighted to do so this Impression.

It has been prepared for framing as she wished to give it to him as soon as possible. Now it just needs a bit of plate glass and some framing to be a nice display piece for his weyr. It’s a little off center because she was in a hurry, and framing isn’t exactly her forte.”

Sleepy Blue (Finalist)

By Edith Brown

“Sleepy blue hatchling on his couch.

Bath Time! (Finalist)

By Elyse Ruckenbrod

“When 13 year old Jon Snow chose to bathe the bronze instead of the blue, some water play ensued. Later he became J’now, rider of russet brown Disemmath!”

P’mer Impressing Fhenth (Finalist)

By Hannah Bennett

“P’mer, Impressing her midnight blue, Fhenth.”

Madellon Weyr (Finalist)

By Angela Lewis

“A brown dragon bringing in one parent and two siblings for the impression”.


By Elyse Ruckenbrod

Abstract fire-lizard

By Brandy Staton

My abstract fire lizard, wood burned and acrylics.

Metal box

By Jennifer Ussery

“Copper, brass, and silver map of Pern with a dragon flying overhead.”

Silver pendant

By Jennifer Ussery

“It’s got a purple diamond as the red star, and meteorite for thread.”

I Buttered Jorts

By Amanda Dawn Gilby

“I present my representation of my favourite achievement in the game: ‘I buttered Jorts’.”

Blue over purple mountains

By Alex Blackstone

“On a wooden oval.”

Fire-lizard egg

By Jennifer Quail

“Since my duck decided to lay an ENORMOUS egg I decided to make a firelizard egg. The dyes are yellow, gold, light green and turquoise aneline dyes for pysanky so NOT food safe. The egg is raw and rather than wax-resist I did a pour, splash, and flick to layer the colors.”

Impression Takes Place

By Elyse Ruckenbrod

Arya and midnight-blue Komaith

Flaming Practice

By Tracy Harden

Galaxy Dragon

By Tracy Harden

Sneak Peek

By Stephanie Davis

Gotta love sneaking onto the Sands to touch an egg!