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Your dragon is dusty brown Phanioth!

"brown Phanioth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is dusty-brown Phanioth, and here's here to help – if there's anything he can do, anything at all...

Phanioth might be the brownest brown that ever browned – at least, in the sense that he's going to make the perfect Wingsecond one day. Want a dragon who'll gladly do all the work for none of the glory? That's Phanioth. He's never happier than when he feels like he's contributing. And the bronzes are going to love him, because he has no designs on their lofty position.

Really, he'd be perfection if it weren't for his unfortunate hide colour. Phanioth can't help looking like he prefers dust to water in his baths. You've tried everything to get him looking smart: more soap, less soap, more oil, less oil – but the result is always the same: Phanioth gives the impression of needing a jolly good wash – even when he's just had one.

But you're not going to hold that against him, even if a few of the sniffier greens in the class do. In every other way he's the ideal dragon: not too big, not too small, kind, helpful, and relaxed.

Even if, every time you look at him, your fingers itch for a duster...

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