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Your dragon is golden bronze Storiath!

"bronze Storiath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is golden-bronze Storiath – the smallest of the three bronzes of his class, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in his forthright personality!

Conscious from an early age of needing to catch up with his colour-mates – and stay ahead of Dhanth, his rather large dark-brown brother – Storiath is rather prone to overeating, and try as you might, you can't convince him that stuffing himself to the point of bursting won't aid his cause. You'll spend more time in the dragonet middens with him suffering from digestive issues than any other weyrling in the class.

Persuading Storiath of almost anything is a challenge – he has a disregard for authority that gets him into trouble with the Weyrlingmaster, L'stev, on a regular basis – and yearns for a time when he's big enough not to be cowed when Vanzanth, L'stev's veteran brown, steps on him. Your bronze doesn't understand why he should ever accept another dragon's commands without question.

Storiath is an unusually gold-toned bronze, especially for a Madellon dragon, and being a prideful dragon, he's easily provoked by the simple suggestion that he looks like a queen. He uses this as an excuse to get dirty and stay dirty, insisting that a little grime on his hide makes him look more conventionally bronze. You're suspicious of this, as a bath in fact brings out the green dappling of Storiath's base shade that makes it perfectly clear he's bronze and not gold. In fact, you rather feel that Storiath just doesn't like baths.

He's quite a handful. Good luck!

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