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Your dragon is midnight blue Racolath!

"blue Racolath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is midnight-blue Racolath – the handsomest blue in the class – no, in the Weyr – no, in all of Pern...

Ah, yes, that's Racolath talking, all right. And it's hard to disagree with him. He's the most exquisite deep blue, evenly coloured from muzzle to tail-fork, with the exception of the paler patches on his right shoulder – not a flaw, you were quick to reassure him when he first noticed them, but a striking feature resembling a cluster of stars in the night-sky blue of his hide. (On reflection, you wish you'd never made the comparison. Showing off his stars has made Racolath even more vain).

And, yes, Racolath is dreadfully vain. Nothing will do but he's the centre of attention. Sometimes you wonder if he's actually bronze under all that dark blue. But while he's highly competitive with the other blues – and smugly pleased that he's larger than some of the browns – he seems to be content to be blue – so long as you, and everyone else, acknowledge that he's the very handsomest, cleverest, most perfect...

Good luck at bathtimes. Racolath's going to take forever to get clean to his own exacting standards!

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