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Your dragon is russet brown Grioneth!

"brown Grioneth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is russet-brown Grioneth. And since he chose you, and told you his name, you're sure you could count the number of sentences he's spoken on the fingers of one hand...

The Weyrlingmaster insists that Grioneth is one of the quietest dragons he's ever known – vocally and mentally. He's an oasis of silent calm amidst the squawks and trumpets and chuffs of his classmates – and doesn't he just wish that they'd be a bit less noisy, too. Grioneth's all about the quiet life, and that extends to you, too. You won't be talking to each other in words very much – which means you'll have to learn to communicate effectively without them.

And it's ironic that, for such a reserved, introverted dragon, Grioneth has such an eye-catching hide colour. Reddish browns are unusual at Madellon, and he stands out like a sore thumb among the other, darker and duller, browns of his clutch. But for all that he might wish he were the sort of muddy-coloured brown that would blend into the background, Grioneth isn't one to complain. That would mean speaking, wouldn't it?

Your challenge is to find a path between this retiring dragon and the expectations that the Weyr has of a brown. A Wingsecond, after all, can't be silent. And just because Grioneth is quiet, that doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions about how he thinks things should be run...

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