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Your dragon is turned-earth brown Ramigeth!

"brown Ramigeth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is turned-earth brown Ramigeth, and you'd better not be easily offended, because he has only one way of communicating, and that's with the absolute, unvarnished truth.

And you can't really argue with him, either, because he'll just sit on you – park his tail and his enormous behind in your lap and stay there until you beg him to get off. Well, he won't be able to do that for long – even Ramigeth doesn't really want a flat rider – but you know he'll be thinking it any time you object to his brand of total candour.

Ramigeth is the definition of no-nonsense determination. Perhaps that's in part down to his size – he's the biggest dragon of his class (and no, he doesn't think that six extra inches of tail makes his brother Agraparth bigger than him). He quite simply doesn't feel he has much to prove, and nor is he interested in making friends with pretty lies and flattery. Ramigeth is who he is, and anyone who doesn't appreciate that just isn't worth his time.

He does think it's exceedingly silly that bronzes get so much respect, though (especially when he's bigger than them). After all, what can a bronze do that he, Ramigeth, can't?

You might agree with him, or you might not – either way, Ramigeth isn't going to change his mind just to spare your feelings...

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