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Your dragon is teal green Gamodoth!

"green Gamodoth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is teal-green Gamodoth – and you really couldn't want for a sweeter natured green – or any colour, really!

Gamodoth is kind, friendly, and, above all else, curious – everything is new and exciting to her, and she's endlessly fascinated by the most mundane things. You'll spend a disproportionate amount of time explaining everything from how shoelaces are tied to why soap goes all bubbly to where exactly the sun goes during the night. But if you don't know the answer, it's all right – it would go in one ear and out the other with Gamodoth anyway – and she'll soon have a new question to ask!

There's none of the high-strung attitude of many greens in Gamodoth. She's genuinely just a sweet and loving girl in love with life – and with you. And while she and her sea-green sister Ishkinth are similar in colour, no one would mistake Gamodoth for a blue the way Ishkinth sometimes is. The boys will be queuing up to spend time with her, and she won't play favourites – it wouldn't occur to her to be anything less than lovely to any dragon who sat in the sun with her. Though she's not keen on her big emerald-green sister, Naisseth, whose love of pranks comes across to Gamodoth as rather mean.

But you've hit the green jackpot with this girl. Just never let anyone take advantage of her forgiving nature – and that includes yourself!

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