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Your dragon is mint green Aforth!

"green Aforth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is mint-green Aforth, and she's not a dragonet to ever let you forget her name – or, indeed anything she has to say. And Aforth has a great deal to say!

Sometimes it feels like there's not been an instant since Aforth's Hatching when she's been quiet. For a small green – and she's not a big girl – she has some serious volume. You shush her at your peril, because she has no patience for being told to be quiet – or for keeping her thoughts to herself. And the notion of being circumspect is an alien one to her, too. She has no filters, and no desire for them, and anyone who disagrees with her must, by definition, be wrong. This includes you.

But it's not all shouty entitlement with Aforth. She can be very sweet...when she feels the need to wheedle something out of someone. She is a very pretty green, with her delicate colour and the lighter spots on her cheeks. And she absolutely will not tolerate anyone trying to take advantage of you. After all, every moment you spend helping someone else is a moment you could be spending seeing to her needs...

So yes, Aforth is a bit of a brat. Her covetous tendencies, and towering sense of self-entitlement, will need a little judicious leavening. But she's a green who won't ever countenance fading into the background, or letting you be sidelined. And that's what you want in your dragon...isn't it?

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