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Your dragon is steel blue Szath!

"blue Szath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is steel-blue Szath – one of the smaller blues in his class. And perhaps it's that diminutive size that's led to his rather self-effacing character!

Szath is a modest, shy, somewhat doleful dragon with an enormous sense of inadequacy that might stem from his blue brothers, the majority of whom are rather overbearing for their colour. Szath, by contrast, believes firmly in knowing his place as a blue – junior to queens, bronzes, browns, other blues, and any green who looks at him funny, which most of them do.

He just needs a little encouragement, that's all. There's nothing wrong with him physically, even if he's on the small side, and while he might not be a flashy blue, he sports the faint brindling common to some Madellon dragons – a subtle pattern in keeping with his subtle personality. At least, for anyone who gets close enough to notice it – and being the retiring type, that won't be everyone!

Szath isn't the sort of blue to break the mould. But he's the bluest blue of his cohort, and so long as you as his rider don't expect him to be something he isn't, he'll be an easy-going, good-natured companion to you as a rider of Madellon Weyr.

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