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Your dragon is indigo blue Nolepeth!

"blue Nolepeth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is indigo-blue Nolepeth. And you weren't looking for a nice, mild-mannered, easy-going blue, were you?

Because Nolepeth isn't one. Sometimes you think he Hatched on a mission. And that mission seems to be to excel as a blue – an unusually large one, bigger than several of the browns – without actually overstepping the limits of his colour. Nolepeth has tremendous respect for authority, and won't tolerate rulebreaking or troublemaking – even from you. Especially from you. And that means all the greens, and other blues, need to watch out, because Nolepeth's going to be keeping his beady eye on them!

If Nolepeth has a fault – besides his rather deferent behaviour towards more senior colours – it's that he has no sense of humour, at all. He won't understand most jokes, and react very poorly to being teased. But you'd never do that...would you?

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