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Your dragon is bottle green Dulalth!

"green Dulalth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is bottle-green Dulalth, and she's – oh, dear, is she hiding behind her own wings again?

Some dragons claim that size doesn't matter, but in Dulalth's case, it clearly does. Not only is she the smallest dragon of her cohort – looking tiny beside the bronzes and bigger browns – she's also the most nervous. And no matter how often you tell her that she'll be forty feet long before she knows it, she jumps at every shadow, sudden noise, and suspicious movement.

Weyrlingmaster L'stev has his eye on her – and that doesn't help, either. Having Vanzanth, L'stev's grumpy old brown, watching Dulalth's every move makes her even more agitated. And where some greens might seek out a bigger dragon to be their friend and protector, Dulalth is far too scared to go looking for one – even though, as a perfectly beautiful dark green, with golden dapples on her wings, she won't be short of admirers.

She does take comfort in you, though – despite the fact that she's already longer than you are tall. You get the feeling that she'll be trying to hide behind your legs even when she's fully grown. You're her best friend, and no one will ever be more reassuring to her. But you know it's your responsibility to teach Dulalth to be more confident and less anxious. Because who ever heard of a cowardly dragon?

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