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Your dragon is sky blue Umath!

"blue Umath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is sky-blue Umath, and he's the best boy ever. Not just the best blue ever (though clearly he is), but the bestest, goodest boy that Madellon's ever seen.

Everyone's going to love Umath – it's impossible not to love a dragonet as willing and eager-to-please as your blue. And it doesn't hurt that he's such a big, handsome fellow, either. He has the most beautiful subtle mottling to his hide, in many shades of blue, that add up to a particularly gorgeous whole. But Umath's not vain, and that's endearing too.

Now, the Weyrlingmaster's going to complain that he's too good – too passive, too submissive, too unquestioningly obedient. But he is a blue, and – unlike some of his colour-mates in the class – he has no ambitions beyond the natural order. If you do – well, that's something you'll have to reconcile with Umath's gentle nature.

But –- oh, what a gentle nature he has. And how lucky you are to be the rider of such a very kind and loving dragon.

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