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Candidate Gisele's story begins...

Unlike the Hold and Craftbred candidates who've been streaming into Madellon over the last few sevendays, you, Gisele, aren't new to dragonkind - you're the daughter of two riders, Weyr born and bred!

S'rius and blue Padseth

Your father is Wingleader R'yeno, bronze Gryth's rider, and your mother is green rider Evie, Amillioth's rider. The notion of being anything but a dragonrider has never entered your mind in all your 15 Turns!

You were too young to Stand for Madellon's last clutch, three Turns ago. Now you're finally old enough. And S'rius - Madellon's most senior Search rider, and your father's former wingman - waved you over to help with his wise old blue, Padseth, the morning after Shimpath clutched...

"Padseth marked you as a likely sort Turns ago, Gisele," he told you, in his croaky, quavering voice, as Padseth peered benignly down at you. "He might be too frail to fly Search now, but there's nothing wrong with his instincts. And he's quite certain that one of those eggs on the Sands holds your dragon!"

Postie and your Notice of Candidacy

At breakfast last sevenday, Postie - the Assistant Weyrlingmaster's blue fire-lizard - dropped a coveted Notice of Candidacy scroll on your head.

And with your formal invitation to Stand for Impression clutched tightly in your hands, you began to believe that S'rius was right!

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