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Candidate Muchalls's story begins...

Your story, Muchalls, began the day a Search dragon came to Jessaf Hold: one of the wealthiest Holds in southern Pern, and your home for 17 Turns.

Garlan and green Hushith

As the granddaughter of Lord Winstone, you weren't among the Hold boys and girls who scrambled for the green dragon's attention. But when your grandfather invited the young green rider, Garlan, for refreshments in the Hold, she noticed you - and asked you to meet Hushith, her rather petite pale green dragon. You'll never forget how those whirling blue eyes shaded to lavender when Hushith looked at you.

Your grandfather wasn't pleased at all when Garlan requested permission to Search you. "It's out of the question," he said. "I've spent the last three months negotiating Muchalls's marriage to my fosterling, Lord Orfen's nephew. There's not even a queen egg on the Sands!"

The fosterling in question has been fostering with you at Jessaf for the last Turn and a half. He's a hateful tailfork - and he's not even in the direct line at Birndes Hold. You beg your grandfather's permission to go to the Weyr, but he won't be moved. "You're 17 and you have your majority," he told you, "but if you leave now, don't expect to be recognised as my granddaughter if you don't Impress - or make any kind of scene!"

Postie and your Notice of Search

Well, a blue fire-lizard arrived the next day, bringing with him a formal invitation from the Weyrleaders of Madellon for you to stand as a candidate. You left Jessaf two days later, clinging to Hushith's neck, and revelling in the sense of freedom you felt at leaving your home to meet your destiny - with failure not an option!

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