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Candidate Kenneth's story begins...

You, Kenneth, were always musical - right from an early age - and you were thrilled when you were accepted as an apprentice to the Harper Hall at Kellad Hold when you were ten Turns old.

J'kel and blue Hozrath

You've been there ever since - but while your love for music hasn't dimmed, you've wondered if you'll ever really shine in any discipline. You've seen other apprentices from your intake walking the tables to Journeyman, or at least being assigned to one Master or another - but not you. You just keep plodding along - a decent singer, a decent gitarist, a decent composer - never really excelling at anything.

That is, until blue rider J'kel, Hozrath's rider, came to the Harper Hall on Search...

When Hozrath's great jewelled eyes fell on you, you couldn't believe your luck. "Maybe you were never meant to be a Harper," Masterharper Kaddyston said thoughtfully, when J'kel asked his permission to Search you. "Maybe you have a dragon waiting for you on the Hatching Sands of Madellon Weyr!"

The thought of leaving the Hall - of leaving music - horrified you. But the Masterharper shook his head at your protests. "You'll always have music, Kenneth. But maybe you're destined to play it as a dragonrider, not a Harper!"

Postie and your Notice of Search

A dark blue fire-lizard came the next morning with a handsomely penned note - an official invitation for you to stand as a candidate for Shimpath and Muzzanth's clutch. And, with your pipes safely packed, you left for the Weyr aboard Hozrath before the end of the sevenday!

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