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The Impression: this time it’s awkward

(A deleted scene from Dragonflight. Honest.)

“Hey, Kirrian, you got a brown! Wow! What’s his name!”

Kirrian – K’rian, now – flinched back from Danally; or, rather, from Danally’s dragonet. The blue seemed to be calm, now, as calm as K’rian’s own Harinth.

He hadn’t been so calm an hour ago.

K’rian swallowed hard. “Didn’t you…hear…Danally?”

“D’nal,” Danally said, beaming. “I’m going to be D’nal. And this is Janneth. What didn’t I hear?”

“About Gefend,” said K’rian. He couldn’t take his eyes off Janneth. Was there still… on his claws…?

“Oh,” said D’nal. His smile faded, a little. “He…he got in the way. Janneth didn’t mean to hurt him. He’s going to be all right, though, isn’t he? Did he Impress?”

K’rian swallowed again. “He’s…he’s not all right. They couldn’t stop the bleeding. He’s…he died.”

D’nal’s face went slack. He took a breath. He glanced down at his dragonet. Janneth looked adoringly back up at him.

Then the blue lowered his head to his forepaws to lick fastidiously at the crust of dark red that still lingered around the soft, new nail-beds of his talons.

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One response to “The Impression: this time it’s awkward”

  1. Pat says:

    Yes, impression has risks, sometimes fatal ones. Still, I wish I could stand on the sands for it!

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