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On Impression

Dragonchoice was so named for its underlying theme: how the choices made by dragons and their riders affect the Weyr and ultimately Pern. That theme continues in Dragonchoice 2: Dragonchosen, focusing on the hope and fears of both candidates and their elders in the anticipation of Shimpath’s Hatching, and now in Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

In Dragonchoice: Necessity or Destiny? the phenomenon of Impression is examined with close reference to the text of the novels. While broken down into sections, the study is meant to be read in order. The opinions expressed and interpretations put forward are entirely my own and not intended to cause offence, or to presume to be definitive.

You can now download Dragonchoice: Necessity or Destiny as an ebook:

Dragonchoice: Necessity or Destiny?