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Dragonchoice 2: Dragonchosen

Dragonchoice 2: Dragonchosen cover

Dragonchoice 2 cover illustration by Martin Vire

With former Weyrleader L’dro gone and a new clutch on the Sands, Weyrleader T’kamen and his bronze Epherineth are making their mark on Madellon Weyr.

But the death of a brown rider in suspicious circumstances shakes the Weyr’s faith in their new leader, and two new arrivals from the Peninsula Weyr threaten to disrupt T’kamen’s untried new leadership.

Can his right-hand man, the brilliant but erratic green rider C’los, solve this Pernese murder mystery in time?

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The Dragonriders of Pern® is © Anne McCaffrey 1967-2021, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Dragonchoice © Faye Upton.

All artwork © its respective artist and used with permission.


Dragonchoice 2: Dragonchosen cover


Dragonchoice 2 is dedicated to the many artists, writers and co-conspirators who helped this giant sequel to come about in the first place!

Kawanth over Madellon

Prologue: Aloft, On Wing

Two newcomers from Peninsula Weyr, bronze rider Sh’zon and brown rider M’ric, arrive at Madellon Weyr. And they have plans for their new home.

Shimpath and her clutch

Chapter one: Five Heated Weeks

With a queen egg on the sands, Madellon Weyr welcomes new candidates, but blue rider C’mine’s return to the Weyr is marred by a new tragedy.

E'rom and Sigith

Chapter two: Your Charge Is Sure

Green rider C’los turns detective to investigate the death of a fellow dragonrider. T’kamen and his second D’feng negotiate the Weyr’s tithes at Blue Shale Hold.

Darshanth, C'mine and C'los

Chapter four: Cold Beyond Frozen Things

C’los’ investigation of E’rom’s death leads him to a grim conclusion, while the mourners at the brown rider’s funeral turn up some unexpected leads.

L'stev and Valonna in the Hatching ground

Chapter five: And Quicker To Champion Me

A conversation with the Weyrlingmaster leaves Valonna feeling unsettled about the task of training another queen rider. T’kamen and Sarenya spend a rare evening together.

Chyilth and Indioth

Chapter seven: Weyrman, Watch

C’los interviews E’rom’s weyrmate K’ston in his search for the truth, and consults with the Weyr Healer in an attempt to discover the source of the fellis that killed Sigith’s rider.

Vanzanth and C'los

Chapter eight: Weyrman, Learn

Conversations with E’rom’s wingmen and superiors implicate a rider in E’rom’s murder. C’los consults with L’stev to learn more about the history of his suspect.

D'feng and Sejanth

Chapter nine: Free The Flame

C’mine and Darshanth take part in their first flaming Wing drill since their return to Madellon, but a moment’s inattention spells disaster for another dragonpair.

M'ric, Trebruth and Agusta

Chapter ten: Thought And Favour

An unexpected saviour comes to Sarenya’s rescue when the journeyman Beastcrafter is injured by a rogue ram in Madellon’s lower pastures.


Chapter eleven: That Glimpse Of Love

The candidates continue their lessons with a lecture from the Dragon Healer, with whom Sarenya is on secondment. A visit to Sejanth makes them consider the responsibility of riding a dragon.


Chapter twelve: Greed Will Bring The Weyr Distress

T’kamen absorbs a sobering report on Pern’s drought-hit condition. Newly-promoted Wingleader and Wingsecond Sh’zon and M’ric plan a Search expedition to a island outside Madellon’s territory.

Council of war

Chapter thirteen: The Finger Points

Valonna and Wingleader H’ned are made aware of E’rom’s murder when C’los reluctantly accuses a rider of the deed. T’kamen arranges a watchdragon post at Kellad to get the suspect away from Madellon.


Chapter fourteen: Seen Then Unseen

Sensitive Darshanth and C’mine accompany Sh’zon on a visit to a mysterious island to Search Sh’zon’s cousin Tarshe, but endure an unsettling experience on returning to Madellon.


Chapter fifteen: Who Loves, Lives

An agitated C’los second-guesses his own conclusions when interviewing E’rom’s brother. Indioth’s mating flight brings his simmering dissatisfaction with C’mine to a boil.

Madellon Weyr

Chapter seventeen: Of Hope And Promise

New candidate Tarshe starts to find her place among the others. C’los makes a dramatic discovery in his new lover’s weyr and is compelled to bring it to T’kamen’s attention.


Chapter eighteen: A Day Of Glory

Madellon Weyr prepares to celebrate the Hatching of Shimpath’s clutch, while Leah and the other candidates feel the pressure, and Sarenya helps in the dragon infirmary.

Sarenya and fire-lizards

Chapter twenty: All Hope Banish

T’kamen comes under massive criticism as the truth of E’rom’s demise gets out. C’los finally finds the answer he’s been looking for. Sarenya walks into a devastating scene in the infirmary.


Epilogue: The Blackest Night Must End In Dawn

The weyrlings adjust to their new lives as dragonriders, Sarenya finds solace in M’ric after her ordeal and T’kamen recognises a new resolve in Valonna following the events of Hatching day.



The complete alphabetical who’s who of Dragonchoice 2: Dragonchosen, from dragonriders and candidates to crafters and holders.