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Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern

Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern cover

Dragonchoice 3 cover illustration by Melanie Reynolds

He’s waiting in the wings
He speaks of senseless things
His script is you and me, boy
— David Bowie, Time

The riders of Madellon Weyr are still reeling from the dramatic events of Hatching Day. But when a mysterious tragedy befalls some of the young weyrlings, Weyrleader T’kamen and his bronze Epherineth set out on an epic quest to discover what went wrong.

And Weyrwoman Valonna must learn to take the weight of the Weyr on her shoulders as the epic final chapter of the Dragonchoice trilogy spans all of Pern…and journeys through time itself…

The Dragonriders of Pern® is © Anne McCaffrey 1967-2021, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Dragonchoice © Faye Upton.

All artwork © its respective artist and used with permission.


  • I wouldn’t have got through this monster without the wonderful Laurie Hicks, whose advice, feedback, and inhuman patience have been completely indispensable from start to finish.
  • Katherine Inskip and Jennifer Quail have provided invaluable beta-reading services. And also astrophysics, obviously.
  • Melanie Reynolds continues to both awe and inspire me with her artistic talent, which you’ll find through Dragonchoice 3.
  • Amy Brennan for short-notice beta-reading, commentary, and art.
  • Multi-Facets for artwork of Valonna.
  • Emily Holland for many gorgeous paintings.
  • Ssthisto for illustrating all three Dragonchoice novels


You can find all the artwork for Dragonchoice 3 at the Dragonchoice 3 art page!

Dragonchoice 3 ebooks

Prologue: Out Of Time

A green rider flying a routine sweep from the Peninsula Weyr finds a young dragon and his rider in distress near Sixer Hold.

Act One

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter one: T’kamen

T’kamen, Weyrleader of Madellon, presides over the business of the day – but a mysterious disturbance interrupts the sleeping dragons and riders of the Weyr.

Sarenya (Micah Johnson)

Chapter two: Sarenya

Journeyman Sarenya finds herself torn between her two crafts – and between lovers old and new – as she tries to shake the ghosts of her past.

C'mine (Melanie Reynolds)

Chapter three: C’mine

C’mine and his blue Darshanth go through the motions of another day together in a world without C’los.

Carleah (Micah Johnson)

Chapter four: Carleah

Weyrling Carleah gets herself into trouble with the Weyrlingmaster as the Wildfire weyrlings begin final preparations for going between.

Sh'zon (Micah Johnson)

Chapter five: Sh’zon

Sh’zon settles into his new role as Deputy Weyrleader – but his political ambitions don’t end at Madellon’s borders.

L'stev (Micah Johnson)

Chapter six: L’stev

The Weyrlingmaster, L’stev, readies himself for a difficult day as the Wildfire weyrlings prepare for their first trips between.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter seven: T’kamen

In the aftermath of the tragedy, T’kamen seeks answers in the records – and shares his fears that Epherineth is at fault with the Weyrlingmaster.

C'mine (Melanie Reynolds)

Chapter eight: C’mine

C’mine and Darshanth are forced to make a decision about their future when T’kamen delivers them an ultimatum.

Sarenya (Micah Johnson)

Chapter nine: Sarenya

Saren tries to motivate the failing Sejanth, and finds C’mine settling into his new role as assistant Weyrlingmaster.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter ten: T’kamen

T’kamen goes to the other Weyrs of Pern for advice, but finds that a Weyrleader of Madellon is not always a welcome visitor.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eleven: Valonna

The dragons keen the loss of one of their own, and Valonna, Madellon’s Weyrwoman, must face a fresh tragedy alone.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twelve: T’kamen

T’kamen awakes groggy, injured, and disorientated by Epherineth’s disastrous trip between, and tries to piece together what happened.

Characters in Act One

A list of the characters and dragons from Act One of Dragonchoice 3. Weyrleader of Pern.

Act Two

Sh'zon (Micah Johnson)

Chapter thirteen: Sh’zon

Sh’zon faces a mixed reception when he briefs T’kamen’s Wing about the Weyrleader’s disappearance – and learns some unsettling things from M’ric.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter fourteen: T’kamen

As T’kamen and Epherineth recover from their injuries, they begin to realise how dramatically Madellon has changed in their absence.

C'mine (Melanie Reynolds)

Chapter fifteen: C’mine

C’mine and M’touf have a heart-to-heart, and Weyrlingmaster B’reko brings unsettling news from the High Reaches.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter sixteen: Valonna

Valonna and the bronze riders of Madellon carry out an audacious and controversial mission to Southern Weyr.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter seventeen: T’kamen

M’ric helps T’kamen to make Epherineth a new harness in preparation for the trip between that will prove they are who they claim to be.

Carleah (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighteen: Carleah

Carleah and the other Wildfire weyrlings get to know the new arrivals from Southern Weyr over breakfast.

L'stev (Micah Johnson)

Chapter nineteen: L’stev

L’stev and C’mine discuss the issue of the Southern weyrlings, and L’stev makes an unexpected discovery.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty: T’kamen

M’ric gives T’kamen renewed reason to hope, and a token from the past leads to a long-overdue meeting.

Carleah (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty-two: Carleah

Tensions between the Wildfires and Southerners come to a head, while Carleah becomes party to a startling secret.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty-four: Valonna

As Valonna and H’ned work to pick up the slack left by T’kamen’s disappearance, the magnitude of Madellon’s supply issues begins to come into focus.

Sarenya (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty-six: Sarenya

Sarenya examines an in-clutch Agusta before paying a visit to Blue Shale Seahold’s sevenday market with M’ric.

Sh'zon (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty-seven: Sh’zon

Sh’zon and H’ned discuss Madellon’s low firestone stocks, and L’stev presents his plan to solve the problem with between.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter twenty-nine: T’kamen

T’kamen and Epherineth travel to Kellad Hold in search of answers at the Harperhall – and to avoid Donauth’s flight.

C'mine (Melanie Reynolds)

Chapter thirty: C’mine

C’mine suffers L’stev’s displeasure in the aftermath of the keen for Grizbath, and seeks a dangerous form of comfort with Darshanth.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter thirty-one: Valonna

An expectant green rider distracts Valonna ahead of the arrival of the Weyrleaders of Southern and the Peninsula.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter thirty-three: Valonna

Valonna clashes with P’raima as the Weyrleaders of the Peninsula seek to broker a solution to Southern’s crisis.

Characters in Act Two

A list of the characters and dragons up to and including Act Two of Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

Act Three

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter thirty-nine: Valonna

Valonna deals with matters both foreign and domestic as she prepares for Lady Coffleby’s luncheon at Long Bay.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter forty-two: T’kamen

T’kamen serves his disciplinary sentence as M’ric faces the final assessments that will decide his future at Madellon.

Carleah (Micah Johnson)

Chapter forty-three: Carleah

Carleah is reunited with her mother at Long Bay, and enjoys the Gather with some of the other Wildfire weyrlings.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter fifty-two: Valonna

The dragonriders of Madellon and the Peninsula confront P’raima and Tezonth at last in a final and terrible showdown.

Characters in Act Three

A list of the characters and dragons up to and including Act Three of Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

Act Four

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter fifty-three: T’kamen

Winter in the Pass brings a respite from Thread, and T’kamen faces the reality of attempting to go between once more.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter fifty-eight: T’kamen

T’kamen and M’ric, hunting through Peninsula records in search of answers, contemplate the nature of the time-loop that connects them.

Sh'zon (Micah Johnson)

Chapter fifty-nine: Sh’zon

News of Ipith’s imminent rising at the Peninsula reaches Sh’zon through a familiar – and unwelcome – source.

Sarenya (Micah Johnson)

Chapter sixty-four: Sarenya

Sarenya and Arrense make an alarming discovery about the culprits behind Madellon’s livestock shortage.

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter sixty-five: Valonna

Valonna and H’ned find themselves frustrated in the aftermath of Arrense’s murder, while the Healers make a breakthrough.

Characters in Act Four

A list of the characters and dragons from Act Four of Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

Act Five

Valonna (Micah Johnson)

Chapter seventy: Valonna

Valonna deals with the Lords of Madellon – and her new Weyrleader – and uncovers some unsettling truths about the source of the felah antidote.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter seventy-nine: T’kamen

T’kamen uses Levierth’s Hatching as an opportunity to reinvigorate the Weyr, and makes the first tentative steps towards peace with S’leondes.

Sarenya (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighty: Sarenya

Sarenya finds closure in some unexpected places as she prepares to put her life at Madellon Weyr behind her.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighty-one: T’kamen

T’kamen fights to preserve the Unseen – and his own position at Madellon – as S’leondes brings an Arbitration against him before the entire Weyr.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighty-two: T’kamen

A defeated T’kamen and Epherineth must muster all their resolve and courage in a last-ditch attempt to bring down S’leondes.

Carleah (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighty-three: Carleah

Carleah moves out of the weyrling barracks and into shared quarters with Tarshe, and has a long-overdue meeting with C’mine.

T'kamen (Micah Johnson)

Chapter eighty-six: T’kamen

T’kamen deals with the political consequences of the Unseen Wing’s success, and makes a discovery that threatens everything he’s achieved.

Characters in Act Five

A list of the characters and dragons from Act Five of Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.