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This is the home of shorter pieces set in Dragonchoice’s Pern.

The Last Rider

A transfer to Igen Weyr seemed like a good idea for M’touf and his green Atath – the last between-capable dragonpair on Pern. But when a chance trip back to their native Madellon Weyr offers them an intriguing opportunity, M’touf begins to wonder if you *can* go home again…

C'mine (Melanie Reynolds)


The story of how one blue dragon found his rider. The spiritual forerunner to Dragonchoice – You Choose: Candidate!


Dragonchoice 3 teaser chapter

A teaser chapter from the forthcoming final story in the Dragonchoice trilogy: Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.



A short story of how brown rider L’stev became Madellon’s Weyrlingmaster during the time of Weyrwoman Fianine and her succession of Weyrleaders.