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These are the people behind the Dragonchoice project.


Anne McCaffrey is the creator of Pern and the Dragonriders of Pern®.

Faye Upton is the author of the Dragonchoice trilogy. She lives and works near London, England and can be found on Facebook and Twitter or at [email protected].


Dragonchoice’s artists include Fredrik Andersson, Brenda Appleby, Jen Bagge, Julia ‘Myaah’ B, Becky Camfield, Melissa Cuthill, Amanda Davis, Miriam Laidlaw (nee Dose), Heather Dudley, Daniel Falck, Brad Hicks, Sam Hogg, Micah Johnson, Jenni Juntunen, Gemma Legacy, Charlotte Moore, Amanda Phillips, C Ssthisto Reid, Renee Spahr, Amelia Stoner, Paul Taaks, Martin Vire, Andreas Weisz, Lauri Williamson and Joey Wood.


Beta-readers and other voices of sanity: Laurie Hicks, Kath Inskip, Jennifer Quail.