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Your dragon is sea green !

"green " by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is sea-green , and she's the joker in the pack!

The joke's been on you, really, since the moment she Hatched – to the bemusement of everyone who couldn't quite work out if it was a green dragonet or a blue they were looking at. You weren't completely sure yourself – and was never in any doubt, the notion that she might cause people to squint and tilt their heads at her, trying to figure out if she's blue or green, is a source of enormous entertainment to her!

But then, to , everything's amusing. You, her clutchmates, the Weyrlingmaster – she finds levity wherever she looks, and if L'stev doesn't much care for being the butt of a giddy young green's sense of humour – well, he's just a boring old party-pooper, isn't he?

Well; except, sooner or later, the fun has to take second place to the serious business of weyrling training, doesn't it? If could blow a raspberry at the notion, she would. Why must you bother with all that boring practice and learning? Why on Pern would any dragonet want to grow up? And that's your challenge, as this playful and cheeky green's rider – keeping her focused on the important things, when all she really wants to do is play. doesn't want to be the grown-up – which means you'll have to be!

But you have a singularly fun-loving dragon here – last one into the lake for a pool-party is a watch-wher!

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