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Your dragon is olive green Lycodonth!

"green Lycodonth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is olive-green Lycodonth. Don't misspell her name. Or mispronounce it. And don't ever imagine that she will tolerate anything so common and vulgar as a nickname!

If Lycodonth had Hatched even a little bit yellower, you'd have been forgiven for mistaking her for a queen. Of course, her immense sense of propriety means she wouldn't forgive you. She'd be outraged if you suggested she had such a high opinion of herself. No; she merely believes (and with good reason) that she embodies the very best of what a green should be. And you, naturally, should follow her example, and be the very best possible green rider.

It might not make her the most popular dragonet in the class – not all dragons are going to be overly warm towards a green who looks at them down the length of her rather long and pointy nose. And Lycodonth is a long and pointy green, slender and lightly built. But she's also rather striking to look at, with a dappling of lighter and darker green spots breaking up her hide colour. She certainly won't want for admirers when the time comes.

But you can be sure that she'll be as judicious about the company she keeps as she is about her other exceedingly high standards. And she'll have very high expectations of you – not only in your care of her, which she naturally assumes will be exceptional – but in the efforts you make to be worthy of her, by excelling in all your endeavours.

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