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Your dragon is milky klah brown Yanomaath!

"brown Yanomaath" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is milky-klah brown Yanomaath, and he really wants to be your best friend. And everyone else's friend, for that matter – might he introduce himself...?

It's a curious feature of this class – the first clutch that bronze Muzzanth has sired – that several of the browns are rather small, and several of the blues and greens rather large. Yanomaath is a case in point. He's smaller than all the other browns, all the blues, and even a couple of the greens. Not that he's concerned – nor that it stops him being the most forward and friendly dragonet of the whole cohort. Yanomaath will offer his nose to anyone for a boop – and he'll be dreadfully upset if his advances are rebuffed.

But what's cute in a hatchling dragon could end up being a tad overfamiliar in an adult – and persuading Yanomaath that he really needn't be sticking his nose into everyone's business will be one of the challenges for you as his rider. That, and keeping up with your colour-mates – who'll certainly be riding their bigger browns long before little Yanomaath is big enough to carry you!

And as the saying goes – it's not the size that matters, but what you do with it...

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