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Your dragon is classic bronze Napioth!

"bronze Napioth" by Chris S. Baily

Your dragon is classic-bronze Napioth – classic by name, and classic by nature, because he's never going to let you, or anyone else, forget exactly what colour he is!

For all that he's called 'classic', Napioth's actually unusual for embodying that platonic ideal of the bronze: gold, tan, and green in a very balanced blend. It's an uncommon shade at Madellon, where the dragons trend to the paler side of the spectrum. That suits him fine, because he's very interested in standing out – being the first in line for everything, the one to take the initiative – and, yes, the lead. He has absolutely no qualms about wanting to show off his leadership skills even at this tender age.

And that won't always be an easy tendency for you to manage. Napioth is forceful, direct, and dismissive of dissent to the point of domineering. He's a dragonet who'll readily intimidate his smaller siblings, and make no apology for doing so. To him, it's merely the natural order of things, and if someone disagrees with him – well, he won't be backing down from a fight. Ever.

Handled adeptly, Napioth is going to be a formidable dragon. You'll never want for a willing partner in your ambitions with him – no matter how lofty they may be. But there's a reason why the Weyrlingmaster is always worried about his bronzes – and Napioth is a prime candidate for concern, because a fearless and assertive bronze is one thing – and a reckless bully is another entirely!

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