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Dragonchoice re-read and commentary at AO3

22 December 2017 | 2 comments | Tagged:

The Dragonchoice trilogy may be complete, but Mistystarshine has begun an in-depth re-read from the very beginning over at Archive Of Our Own.

I’ve decided to give the entire series a re-read, now with ~magical hindsight~, and leave a comment on every chapter. I want to see what I catch that I missed the last time – foreshadowing, little details, and stuff I just plain forgot. Then, at the end, I will see if any of the questions I had when it first finished remain unanswered, or I hyper-read my way to answers for all of them

I wrote the DC trilogy over a period of about 17 years, and while I tried hard not to contradict myself between stories…well, no one’s perfect. So it’ll be fun to see if anyone can ferret out any plot holes or inconsistencies. And even more fun to see how DC and DC2 foreshadow events and concepts in DC3 that I hadn’t even thought of when I wrote them…

It goes without saying that this commentary will be full of spoilers for new Dragonchoice readers, but if you’ve read the whole trilogy, and want to re-visit it with the benefit of hindsight, head over to AO3 and join in the re-read commentary!

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2 responses to “Dragonchoice re-read and commentary at AO3”

  1. sian pehrsson says:

    What a fantastic idea to do a reread with the benefit of hindsight.. I know for me that I must have reread ch 1-5 and esp ch 1 with our ‘weyrling;’ size brown suddenly appearing so many times because they really do hook one so well. Congratulations again on an epic achievement and happy new year

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