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Valonna the…wait, what?

23 January 2016 | No comments | Tagged:

Valonna Impresses Shimpath

“Impression” by Charlotte Moore

I’ve been exposed. I’m a total nerd and almost all my major characters are based on real people of varying degrees or fame (or not), to varying degrees of physical appearance and personality (or not).

Sometimes I based the character on the person from the very beginning, but sometimes the mapping came afterwards. The latter is what happened with Valonna, seen here Impressing Shimpath in Charlotte Moore’s portrait from the original Dragonchoice. Charlotte asked me who I had as a mental image for Valonna. I didn’t, really, so I said, “Er, dunno, Sarah Michelle Gellar?”


I’ve been hearing the Buffy theme music in my head every time I write a Valonna chapter since 2002.

(Isn’t she purdy, though?)

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