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Dragonchoice 3 update

6 January 2016 | One comment | Tagged:

Next week’s chapter of Dragonchoice 3 (Chapter Twelve, scheduled for Wednesday 13 January 2015) is the final chapter of Act One. Yeah, DC3 has Acts. Get me. And believe me when I say that the end of Act One is where the story really kicks off.

A few people have asked if there’s going to be a character list. I can’t quite face updating one every week (it’s bad enough doing the updated ebooks every week – damn you ebook readers!), and I can’t just post the lot because SPOILERS, but I will put up a list of characters-so-far at the end of each Act.

Hold onto your underpants!

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One response to “Dragonchoice 3 update”

  1. Louise says:

    Found this by chance, and so pleased I did. I took a while to get into the story/characters. You have captured the charm and heart of the dragons of Pern. Thank you its a treat. Also keep writing! X

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