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A word on M’ric

21 January 2016 | One comment | Tagged: , ,

M'ric and Agusta

‘New friends’ by Daniel Falck

So if you’re all caught up with Dragonchoice 3, you’ll know that M’ric, my totally straightforward and not-in-any-way-morally-ambiguous brown rider, is coming in for quite a bit of attention at the moment.

M’ric, like many of Dragonchoice’s characters, is based on someone I know – albeit someone for whom relatively few decent reference photos exist, so the artists who’ve illustrated him in the past haven’t had an easy time. That being said, Daniel Falck’s portrait of M’ric and Agusta is pretty damn spot-on.

But then I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it seems redundant to add the subtitle; I mean what other Star Wars movie would I have gone to see recently?) last week, and spent most of the movie staring at Poe Dameron and wondering what the hell is M’ric doing in Star Wars (and why is he named after a Teletubby)?


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One response to “A word on M’ric”

  1. Sian22 says:

    lol…terrific..what a hoot. It is quite funny when you see someone who is perfect for your character in another fandom. I just love that my assumptions about M’ric may have been wrong..or right..but either way a fun twist. I have had that experience about seeing a character in another fandom and even put it into the character’s anme. My F’mir of Minds of their Own looks exactly like David Wenham of Return of the King…so the character’s name is a contraction of Wenham’s LOTR character.

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