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Dragonchoice ebooks now available

15 July 2012 | One comment | Tagged: , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve been meaning to get round to this for a while now, and this weekend I finally have. Dragonchoice and Dragonchoice II: Dragonchosen are now available for you to download as ebooks for your Kindle, iPad, or other e-reading device.

Each one includes all the artwork and appendices in full (the Kindle version’s images are a bit wonky because MOBI format doesn’t allow image-wrapping, bleh).

Please feel free to download and enjoy!

Dragonchoice ebook downloads

Dragonchoice II: Dragonchosen ebook downloads

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One response to “Dragonchoice ebooks now available”

  1. Morgan Dawn says:

    Hello, we’ve been trying to reach you regarding a fandom archival project, but the email contact form on your website is not working. Can you contact us?

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