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Valonna designed by Multi Facets

Valonna (Multi Facets)

‘Valonna’ designed by Multi-Facets, courtesy of the ‘Tudors’ costuming game on dolldivine.com

Valonna was petite and blonde and appealingly unaware of her own delicate beauty; her hair was always intricately dressed, and she favoured elegant gowns in soft colours that complemented her pale complexion and self-effacing nature. (Chapter three, Dragonchoice 3)

Valonna is Madellon’s young Weyrwoman, thrust unprepared into that role at a tender age by the death of her formidable predecessor Fianine. The daughter of a prominent Jessaf holder, Valonna has never entirely been able to leave the trappings of a well-born lady of the Holds behind her.

Multi-Facets designed this perfect look for Valonna using the app on dolldivine.com – and has realised her delicate elegance beautifully!

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