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Cold, Colder, Coldest by C. Ssthisto Baily

'Cold, Colder, Coldest' by C. Ssthisto Reid

‘Cold, Colder, Coldest’ by C. Ssthisto Baily (find her at www.dragonsintheattic.com)

It all began to rush back into T’kamen’s mind: emerging over Madellon in a snowstorm with Suatreth dangling limply from Epherineth’s grip; the startled bugles of the off-duty dragons below; Donauth, arrowing across the Bowl to assist in landing the Threadscored green; dragons everywhere barking incredulous queries at Epherineth over the nature of his arrival… (Chapter sixty, Dragonchoice 3)

Otherwise known as Holy size difference, Batman! (or Epherineth wasn’t kidding when he said he’d turn a Pass green inside out…) – the relative sizes of Interval bronze and Pass green are completely accurate as Epherineth rescues Suatreth from certain death between and returns her to a startled Madellon.

The joy is in the detail: the greens and blues reacting through the blizzard; Fetch just above T’kamen’s shoulder; and not forgetting Epherineth’s scarred face and the slash on his shoulder from his previous catch…

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