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Megrith and Tezonth by Emily Holland

Megrith and Tezonth

‘Megrith and Tezonth’ by Emily Holland (find her on Tumblr)

“She looked so small and so young as Tezonth landed in front of her, snarling, darting his head towards her with jaws agape, his wings spread above her, a terrifying sight.

Megrith screamed.

She reared onto her hind legs to meet him, beating her wings, flailing with her foreclaws, all but lashing him with her tail and the meaning of her wordless screech was vividly clear. How dare you!” (Chapter sixteen, Dragonchoice 3)

No one’s going to mess with this dragonet queen – not even the formidable Tezonth.

One response to “Megrith and Tezonth by Emily Holland”

  1. Shana Scontorino says:

    like the drawing but Megrith looks more brown than gold

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