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Out Of Time by Emily Holland

Out Of Time

‘Out Of Time’ by Emily Holland (find her on Tumblr)

“There…!” S’rebren cried, leaning hard right over Krodith’s neck, and then sat back as his eyes resolved only a boulder, rearing from the ground, matted vegetation drooping, wing-like, from its sides.

Then, No, Krodith said, there!

She wheeled hard left, putting on a spurt of speed, her slender muzzle pointing the way. S’rebren thought for an instant that even his dragon was mistaken, but then a heap of rocks stirred and moved and raised its head: dark, with eyes glowing eerie white.

“Hey, down there!” S’rebren shouted as Krodith circled in to land. “You all right?”

The dragon below curved his head threateningly towards Krodith with a hiss. (Prologue, Dragonchoice 3)

Illustration from the prologue of Dragonchoice 3 – it was a few chapters before anyone figured out who the lost dragonpair here actually was!

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