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C’mine’s Run by Melanie Reynolds

C'mine's Run by Micah Johnson

C’mine’s Run by Melanie Reynolds

By all rights, Darshanth should have been finding this equally gruelling. It had been a long time since he’d done any extended groundwork. But the blue was clearly enjoying himself, lolloping along like an overgrown puppy, eyes spinning like pinwheels, full of boisterous cheer. Though the weyrlings had been flying for some time now, none of the young dragonets had developed the controlled power of the vertical leap that they’d need to get airborne cleanly, and exercises on the ground was still the best way for them to build the strength in their hind legs. The dragonets were too disproportionate, too leggy and awkward, to make best use of themselves, so even those who were already bigger than Darshanth were struggling to keep up with his bounding adult pace.

“Stop,” C’mine wheezed, grabbing feebly for M’touf’s arm as he stumbled, at last, to a halt. To his dismay, he found that stopping was nearly as bad as carrying on. His head spun, and he thought he might actually fall over. He bent double, gasping, gripping his knees with his sweaty hands, trying to get some air into his tortured lungs. Then, painfully, he straightened up. “Atath took you between?” (Chapter fifteen, Dragonchoice 3)

This is one of those scenes I could picture clearly in my mind, but never thought I’d see illustrated. Melanie’s glorious cel-shading brings Darshanth’s energy – and poor C’mine’s exhaustion – vividly to life.

(And in case you’re wondering, the dragonets are – left to right – Warjenth, Sparth, Nerbeth, Rementh, Berzunth, Narwath, Djeth, and Jagunth.)

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