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Vanzanth and the Wildfires by Emily Holland

Vanzanth and the Wildfires

‘Vanzanth and the Wildfires’ by Emily Holland

“Abort jump!” he bellowed across the space between him and the circling weyrlings, making the urgent arm signal for the command as he did. Tell Oaxuth, Nerbeth, and Lovanth to abort and hold. They are not to go between!

To his relief the three weyrlings all made the signals for acknowledged, aborting, straightaway. They understand, Vanzanth reported. They have aborted jump. (Chapter six, Dragonchoice 3)

Madellon’s Weyrlingmaster, L’stev, and his old brown Vanzanth preside over the Wildfire weyrlings’ first jumps between.

This is the first of many beautiful paintings Emily has done for Dragonchoice 3!

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