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Dragonchoice 3 artwork

This is the home for artwork associated with Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

'Sejanth' by Amy Brennan

Sejanth by Amy Brennan

Amy Brennan’s illustration of bronze Sejanth from Dragonchoice 3: Weyrleader of Pern.

C'mine's Run by Micah Johnson

C’mine’s Run by Micah Johnson

Darshanth leads the Wildfire dragonets on a gallop around the lake – while a breathless C’mine listens to M’touf’s confession.

Out Of Time

Out Of Time by Emily Holland

Illustration from the prologue of Dragonchoice 3 – it was a few chapters before anyone figured out who the lost dragonpair here actually was!

Fetch vs Thread

Fetch vs Thread by Emily Holland

From chapter 53 of Dragonchoice 3 – T’kamen’s brown fire-lizard Fetch, proving that you don’t have to be a dragon to cause fiery destruction…