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Characters in Act One

At Madellon Weyr

Weyrleader T’kamen, dragon bronze Epherineth
Weyrwoman Valonna, dragon queen Shimpath

Adrissa, the former Headwoman
A’keret, dragon bronze Redmyth, a Wingleader
A’len, dragon brown Chyilth, a senior Wingsecond
Arrense, the Weyr Beastcrafter
A’wor, dragon blue Valezath
Benner, a journeyman Healer
B’mon, dragon bronze Zintyrath, a senior Wingsecond
B’ward, dragon brown Hishovath, T’kamen’s junior Wingsecond
C’los, dragon green Indioth (deceased)
C’mine, dragon blue Darshanth (becomes Assistant Weyrlingmaster)
Crauva, the Headwoman
C’tan, dragon blue Raborth
D’feng, dragon bronze Sejanth, presently injured (former Deputy Weyrleader)
D’hor, dragon brown Defronth, the previous Weyrlingmaster (deceased)
D’ros, dragon blue Dellamorth
Edrann, dragon green Parhath
E’rom, dragon brown Sigith, a former Wingsecond (deceased)
Fianine, dragon queen Cherganth, the former Senior Weyrwoman (deceased)
F’halig, dragon brown Valth, T’kamen’s senior Wingsecond
F’yan, dragon bronze Vidrilleth, a Wingleader
Garlan, dragon green Hushith
Gerlaven, the Weyr Mason
Gerra, a kitchen girl
G’vor, dragon brown Argeoth
H’ben, dragon blue Brenth, a former Assistant Weyrlingmaster (deceased)
H’imo, dragon green Colwyth
H’lamin, dragon green Zemmath
H’ned, dragon bronze Izath, a Wingleader (becomes Deputy Weyrleader)
H’restin, dragon blue Abroth
Imarr, a former Weyr Mason (deceased)
Isnan, the Weyr Healer
Janina, dragon green Amynth (deceased)
Jarrisam, a journeyman Beastcrafter
Javerre, a Headwoman’s Second
Jenavally, dragon green Hinnarioth, the Assistant Weyrlingmaster and Weyr Singer
J’kel, dragon blue Hozrath
J’red, dragon brown Whalth
J’tron, dragon brown Feolth, Sh’zon’s junior Wingsecond
Katel, a former journeyman Healer (deceased)
Kirosahf, a Headwoman’s Second
Kishop, the Weyr Tanner
Laniyan, the Weyr Weaver
Lenia, dragonet green Kirghath, a weyrling (deceased)
L’kor, dragon brown Farhioth, junior Wingsecond
L’pay, dragon brown Tigrinth, senior Wingsecond
L’stev, dragon brown Vanzanth, the Weyrlingmaster
M’ric, dragon brown Trebruth, fire-lizard queen Agusta, Sh’zon’s senior Wingsecond
Nial, a journeyman Healer
N’jol, dragon green Kistrith
Ollen, a Weyr boy
P’keo, dragon bronze Nathronth, a Wingleader (a former Weyrleader)
Ranoklin, a former Weyr Beastcrafter
R’hren, dragon bronze Staamath, retired (a former Weyrleader)
R’yeno, dragon bronze Gryth, a Wingleader
Sarenya, a journeyman Beastcrafter, fire-lizard blue Sleek
Segradon, a Weyr boy
S’gal, dragon bronze Avvoth, a former Weyrlingmaster (deceased)
Sh’zon, dragon bronze Kawanth, a Wingleader (becomes Deputy Weyrleader)
S’rius, dragon blue Padseth
Suzallie, dragon green Othanth
Tahlienne, an apprentice Weaver
Tebis, a journeyman Beastcrafter
T’gat, dragon bronze Muzzanth, a Wingleader
T’rello, dragon bronze Santinoth, a junior Wingsecond
T’reno, dragon green Givranth
Vhion, the Master Dragon Healer
V’ley, dragon green Orsalth
V’mersin, dragon green Unoth
V’nor, dragon green Karmunth
V’rai, dragon blue Gresath
V’stan, dragon bronze Sewelth, a Wingleader
W’har, dragon blue Larnokath
Z’fell, dragon green Jyelth

Wildfire Class

Adzai, dragonet green Warjenth
B’joro, dragonet blue Lovanth
Carleah, dragonet green Jagunth
Cebria, dragonet green Gawath
Chenda, dragonet green Lirpath
C’seon, dragonet blue Brancepath
G’dra, dragonet brown Kinnescath
H’nar, dragonet bronze Ellendunth
Ivaryo, dragonet green Saperth
Jardesse, dragonet green Kitlith
Jenafa, dragonet green Nedrith
J’kovu, dragonet blue Moth
K’dam, dragonet brown Narwath
Kessirke, dragonet green Irdanth
K’ralthe, dragonet bronze Djeth
Maris, dragonet green Indrahath
M’rany, dragonet blue Rementh
M’touf, dragonet green Atath
N’jen, dragonet brown Danementh
P’lian, dragonet brown Sparth
R’von, dragonet bronze Oaxuth
Soleigh, dragonet green Bristath
S’terlion, dragonet green Nerbeth
Tarshe, dragonet queen Berzunth
W’lenze, dragonet blue Goldevath

At the Peninsula Weyr

Weyrleader H’pold, dragon bronze Suffath
Weyrwoman Rallai, dragon queen Ipith
Deputy Weyrleader K’ken, dragon bronze Essienth

F’dalger, dragon bronze Zlanth, the Weyrlingmaster
F’tren, dragon brown Galdiath, a Wingsecond
J’deyn, dragon bronze Beregoth
Larvenia, dragon queen Haeith, the former Senior Weyrwoman (deceased)
L’dro, dragon bronze Pierdeth, a Wingleader (the former Weyrleader of Madellon)
Rymon, a journeyman Dragon Healer
S’rebren, dragon green Krodith
Xh’len, dragon bronze Willeth, a former Weyrleader (deceased)

At Southern Weyr

Weyrleader P’raima, dragon bronze Tezonth
Weyrwoman Margone, dragon queen Grizbath

S’gert, dragon brown Horioth, the Weyrlingmaster

At the Northern Weyrs

A’stay, dragon blue Yigrith, the Weyrlingmaster at Igen Weyr
B’reko, dragon green Milth, the Weyrlingmaster at High Reaches Weyr
K’lay, dragon brown Callonth, the Weyrlingmaster at Fort Weyr

At the Holds and Halls of Pern

Coffleby, the Lady Holder of Long Bay Hold
Gellera, an artist
Meturvian, the Lord Holder of Kellad Hold
Shevran, an exile
Talladon, an artist at Peranvo Hold
Winstone, the Lord Holder of Jessaf Hold

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